Mindfulness Practices to Nourish the
Body and Soul

Growth. Healing. Transformation.

Michele Terry is an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator, having offered her services for 15 years to thousands of clients throughout the Southern California region. During times of transition, stress and difficulty, she can help you unleash your full potential and step into your power by providing the gentle guidance and compassionate space you need to experience healing and transformation.



Michele Terry offers personalized classes, workshops and retreats at affordable prices. She is an expert in guiding clients to gentle approaches toward their own well-being. This allows them to experience peace, resiliency, joy and healing. Contact her to see how she can be of service to you.



Private Workshops Available -

Wedding Shower, Milestone Birthday, Baby Shower and more - Inquire for Additional Information

Limited Public Workshops Resume 2020 - Dates TBD

Private Sessions

60 - 90 minute sessions of personalized attention

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Customize a retreat for yourself, your company or organization. One day to 2 week options available.



Conscious. Spiritual. Unfolding Human Beings.

Michele Terry has worked with a diverse population including people dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, complex trauma,  survivors of human sex trafficking, parents and children going through divorce, eating disorders, infertility issues, marital distress, infidelity, foster children, death, grief, and loss. She has helped thousands of people including artists, doctors, coaches, therapists, teachers, healers, acupuncturists, prisoners, parents, moms, children, teens, and adolescents. With a background working in education and human development, she brings her unique and complex studies of working at institutions with the most progressive human development departments in the world, along with her background in trauma-informed care, group dynamics, leadership development skills, outdoor education, and team building expertise. As a professional facilitator, she combines various modalities and pulls from her varied professional background to promote wellness. She is passionate about the wisdom and depth of knowledge that is revealed through the process of tapping into one's own inner wisdom allowing for inner peace, joy and wellness to shine.


What is SoulCollage®

Creative. Intuitive. Healing.



SoulCollage® is a creative and intuitive process of creating unique, collaged cards that express various aspects of ourselves. SoulCollage® draws from both Jungian psychology and Native American shamanic wisdom and fosters creative renewal, self understanding, and self acceptance. As you create cards, your SoulCollage® deck will become a visual representation of your own soul.


What is Council?

Community. Listening. Share.



Council is an ancient practice, stemming from the Native American tradition of storytelling. It is the practice of effective communication and heartfelt listening. This restorative practice is used for team-building, storytelling, and owning one's voice. It is a wonderful way to connect with our shared common humanity.

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What is Mindfulness?

Awareness. Present. Loving-Kindness.



Mindfulness is an awareness practice of being acutely aware of the present moment. It is a moment-to-moment non-judgemental awareness of one's thoughts, bodily sensations and emotions. Through mindful awareness, peace is possible.

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Facilitator of Mindfulness Practices

Michele Terry has been facilitating classes, workshops and retreats for over 15 years. Working through a trauma-informed lens she combines various mindfulness-based somatic practices to facilitate the growth of people’s well being. Earning a degree in Psychology, Communication and Sociology/Cultural Anthropology from the University of Arizona she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was awarded Phi Beta Kappa status. Michele has studied movement, meditation and dance throughout her whole life. She attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts as a Dance major and was awarded a merit-based scholarship. As a Senior Council Facilitator, she was trained in the Way of Council through The Ojai Foundation back in 2005. She completed the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training in 2014. She has studied and trained with the finest teachers and at the most prestigious institutions in the world. A native to Southern California, you may find her at a dance workshop, taking yoga, walking on the beaches of San Diego, being a foodie out with her husband, and playing with their beloved dogs.



Doing SoulCollage® with Michele is like having a loved one hold your hand while you tap into your self on a deep level. It has become an incredible self-care routine that I rely on for self-discovery and community. She knows how to hold space and guide in the most compassionate way. These workshops are so enriching and meaningful!

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Growth. Healing. Transformation.


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